• Image of XS650 Mid-Controls
  • Image of XS650 Mid-Controls
  • Image of XS650 Mid-Controls
  • Image of XS650 Mid-Controls

Our mids use a 3/8" thick mounting plate, with 1/4" thick linkage. All fully tig welded together. To make sure they are smooth and tight we use needle bearings. Our drum brake setup is designed as a single pivot with no need to have a second pivot point welded to the frame.

Using the stock brake switch light? Don't worry we have you covered. We have hidden a mounting bracket on the backside of the right mid. We like to keep things clean and hidden.

The pull rod that will be supplied with the mid controls, is machined from 3/8" high strength 1144 stress proof rod. With a tensile strength of 125,000psi. So once you bend it to fit your bike you will not have to worry about flex or stretching. One end is threaded to 6M1.0 so that you can use the stock spring and adjuster nut. The other end will be threaded to 1/4"x28 it will be long enough if you to cut down if need be.

The mids will be shipped with all the necessary hardware to install them.

*Our mids will not work with the stock exhaust! Unless you cut them short.*

*Our mids will not work with a brat kit or stock frame. They are designed for hard tail frames ONLY*
(We are working on a set for brat kits.)

*They can be setup to your needs. If there is something you need changed, please contact us at sales@ironheartcycles.com for additional pricing and information.*

** Vintage disclaimer, not all frames are the same. You might have to adjust or tweak the mids or your bike to get the correct fit.**

** Please allow up to two weeks from the order date for them to ship. They are made per-order **

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