• Image of 700CC 277 Rephased COMPLETE ENGINE BUILD
  • Image of 700CC 277 Rephased COMPLETE ENGINE BUILD
  • Image of 700CC 277 Rephased COMPLETE ENGINE BUILD

Are you looking for a completely rebuilt and ready to run 277 rephased engine for your XS650? We can help!

I will not start an engine build without a 100% Deposit on parts! - The remaining balance can be paid upon pickup or shipping of the engine.

Labor - I charge $1500 in labor to build your engine. What does this include? I fully clean and disassemble all parts, Vapor blast the cylinders, head/head cover, top and lower cases, the side covers, as well as ALL internal engine components. I inspect all parts for wear and make sure all tolerances up within spec, or replace the parts as needed. I then chase ALL threads, and repair threaded holes, and then reassemble. I also micro polish your transmission and shift forks. I use all new stainless steel hardware if possible. The head will receive a new 3 angle valve job. I will also degree in the camshaft to the crank for a perfectly timed engine. I do not charge extra to install a big bore kit, although having your cylinders bored for oversize pistons is NOT included in my labor. All builds are done using your engine, if you would like to keep your engine we can build you one from our stock. A $400 core charge will be added to the final bill.

NEW Parts - I use all new gaskets, seals, o-rings, copper washer, stainless hardware, cam chain, cam chain guides, sump filter, oil filter, stainless steel rocker arm plugs, 1 piece clutch rod, upgraded clutch throwout bearing, EBC clutch springs, and a 8 pack clutch set up, 5th gear OD, shift shaft, Pamco ignition, HD valve springs, and connecting rods

All you will need to add is your charging system of choice and carbs.

(**Price does not include shipping**)

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