Your forks are Machine Turned, Hand Blended with a file, and then hand sanded to 600 grit. You may pick from a  satin  finish or to have them polished to a mirror finish. If you pick to have them polished out. They will be wet sanded from 600 grit all the way to 2000 all done by hand. Once we are happy with them, they will be buffed out with two different compounds to insure a mirror finish. 

Pricing and Options:

Shaved and blended

Satin finish           $145

Polished          add  $55

Email - 

We will send you an invoice for the payment.

To take part in our fork shaving services – ship your forks (send lowers only) to us with the forks clearly marked with a sharpie/marker as to what you want kept and/or removed. 

Include a note with return address, email, phone number.